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Georgia and Jessica Quilt Series Mini Quilts

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely seen posts that talk about my Great-Grandma Georgia. She is the reason I finally decided to learn to quilt and I’ve been on a personal mission to make a series of quilts as if we were making them together. Here are my first three mini quilts in the #GeorgiaandJessicaQuilt series.
A look at Georgia and Jessica Quilt Series - Mini Quilt #3/4

Georgia and Jessica Quilt #1/4
This series, since they’re minis, are numbered under one ;) Part of the reason is that #1 will be reserved for a very specific version I’m making. That one is still in timeout, but I’ve already proceeded to #2. Anyway, let’s get back to #1/4. This is the smallest Lone Star of the group. I daresay maybe the smallest Lone Star ever made?! :) I was inspired by Laura Loewen (@loewensewen on Instagram) who made a tiny quilt name tag for QuiltCon. I’ve been wanting a name tag for guild meetings and for QuiltCon, so I made one too. Since Lone Stars have become an important part of my quilt journey and will be especially important in the coming years as I continue working on the series, I decided a Lone Star was the right choice. I chose my favorite colors black and pink.
An extremely tiny Lone Star name tag!

The name tag was traditionally pieced. Each pink color in the star finishes at ½” wide. The entire piece ended up around 5 ½” square. It’s still large in terms of a name tag, but is so tiny overall!
Georgia and Jessica Quilt Series - Mini Quilt #1/4
My mini quilt name tag!

I used Kona Cotton solids in Black, Pomegranate, Bright Pink, and Carnation. I quilted every section of the star in a unique pattern using Aurifil 50 wt thread. I used 2530 (blossom pink) for all three pink sections and 2692 (black) for the background. I used Aurifil 12 wt in 2415 (blush) to hand stitch my name. I used Hobbs 80/20 batting and a solid black for the backing.

Georgia and Jessica Quilt #1/2

The second quilt is 31” square and was also pieced in my favorite color palette – black and pink. I chose Libs Elliot’s Spray in Fuchsia from her Greatest Hits Vol. 1 fabric collection for the background. It’s obviously pink, but has a beautiful and subtle grey spray over the fabric. The star was constructed using Kona Cotton solids in Black, Graphite, Overcast, Quicksilver and White. Honestly, when I look at the quilt I think it glows!
Georgia and Jessica Quilt Series - Mini Quilt #1/2
The quilt top in fresh snow.

I chose to make these minis as a tribute to my Grandma Georgia and as inspiration as I continue making larger scale Lone Star quilts. These minis were made to hang in my studio as a reminder of grandma!
Progress mid-quilting.
A peek at the back of the quilt, mid-quilting.

I really loved quilting this piece. I used my trusty Hera Marker to mark lines in the star. It’s very simple but stunning quilting. In the background, the four corners are straight lines that converge in the center. In the four triangle areas of the background, I quilted a fun double cross hatch. I also added some embellished binding – you can see in the photo below. I used Aurifil 50 wt thread to piece and quilt it – 2692 (black), 2606 (mist), 2021 (natural white) and 2530 (blossom pink). I used Hobbs 80/20 batting – it was the first time I had used it and it had a gentle loft and quilted so nicely. I have moved to using it almost exclusively for my projects.
A close up of the quilting :) 
Embellished Binding detail.

Georgia and Jessica Quilt #3/4
The third quilt is 35” square. For me, this is the showstopper Lone Star! I love the dynamic colors, I love the custom quilting I did throughout the star and I love who it represents (once again, grandma :)).
Georgia and Jessica Quilt Series - Mini Quilt #3/4

I really love Giucy Giuce’s Spectrastatic fabric line! It reads solid but has a black spray throughout the fabric. While solids are my forever favorite, a really vibrant reads-solid fabric has my heart too. I picked my absolute favorites from the line and got to work. It’s constructed like the #1/2 version but just packs a different punch because of the colors and quilting.
A peek at the back of the quilt, mid-quilting.

I used Spectrastatic in Electra, Fresh Amethyst, Old Amethyst, Yonder and Dubbah. The binding is also Spectrastatic in Stellar. I pieced and quilted it using Aurifil 50 wt thread. For the quilting, I used 2530 (blossom pink), 2588 (light magenta), 2540 (medium lavender), 2740 (dark cobalt), 2810 (turquoise) and 1321 (spring green). Each section of color was quilted in a unique design. The background has a cross hatch and double cross hatch quilting motif and really pops off the quilt! It’s my favorite part! I’m super proud of the quilting work and think my grandma would be proud too! To give it that pop, I used Hobbs 80/20 batting.
Texture upon texture with custom quilting in each section of the quilt!

I’m so glad I took the time during this journey to make these mini Lone Stars! They are certainly some of my most favorite pieces I’ve made. And I really think Grandma Georgia would be proud of my effort!


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