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Quilting and Well-Being

Quilting has played a huge role in my overall well-being. Quilting provides so much to me – a Quilting has taught me it's okay not to be perfect. That seam smack dab in the middle is far from perfect - and even though I sigh a little when I see it - it's okay!  creative outlet, a stress reliever, an opportunity to use my hands, a moment to look forward to and a reason to push myself every day. I had the amazing opportunity to do an Instagram takeover in early January for @52Quilters . This social experiment features different quilters from around the world every week. In past years, each quilter simply shared their quilty world. In 2018, Chris, the founder, decided to develop a theme for each month. January was well-being and I was so excited and honored to discuss this topic. Wellness is a key part of my life. I’ve written on my blog about running being an important part of my life (and how it directly relates to quilting). Quilting is also a part of my wellness strat