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Unfinished Object to Finished Quilt

Today I’m the next stop on the UFOvember blog hop! Bobbie Gentili of Geeky Bobbin is hosting the 2 nd annual UFOvember to help quilters and crafters resume, rework or rehome their UFOs – or UnFinished Objects. I was super excited and honored that Bobbie asked me to join the fun for #ufovember2021 because I love Bobbie’s mission and I definitely need to take stock of my UFOs. For my turn, I selected a UFO to rework. I have about an even split of UFOs where half are patterns, so I know what the next steps are, and half are just me playing with fabric and not knowing for sure what to do next. I designed a small burst-like FPP block in the summer of 2020. I wanted to use Libs Elliott’s new Phosphor fabric, which has a great denim-like texture, for this block. There are 12 colors in the original Phosphor, so I made 12 blocks. Originally, I envisioned placing four blocks at 45 degree angles so that I could create a diamond shape with the bursts facing out. I wanted to place three of these
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Colorful Quilting - In The Right Direction Baby Quilt

I recently sewed up this colorful baby-sized In The Right Direction quilt ! I love the high impact of this design plus how quickly it goes together. I used  Blossom fabric , a line from  Christopher Thompson  for  Riley Blake Designs ! Here's a breakdown of all the fabrics I used.  Background and Backing Fabric – Tone of Tone White Arrow Fabrics – Cranberry, Orange, Lemon Zest, Emerald City, Peacock, Denim, Fuchsia, Raspberry and Salmon Binding Fabric – Silver My favorite quilting motif is crosshatch, or angled grid, quilting. It adds great texture! I wanted to change things up just a little on this quilt, so I used four different thread colors for the quilting. They were four separate spools but the idea is similar to using variegated thread. I pre-marked all my quilting lines using my hera marker and ruler. A hera marker makes a crease in the fabric.  There are other ways to sew straight lines; for example, you could use the edge of the walking foot as a guide from one line to

Backpack Sew Along

Welcome to the fall 2021 Backpack Sew Along, hosted by Tina Curtis and Jessica Plunkett ! Tina and Jessica are experienced bag makers who love the thrill of making such a functional project – and installing zippers! There’s nothing to fear; we’re here to help you in making your next backpack project. This is a low key sew along – we’ve developed a four week schedule, but feel free to work at your own pace. 4 week #backpackalong  Sept. 20 – Oct. 18  Week 1 – Sept. 20  - Select pattern and fabrics Week 2 – Sept. 27 - Cut fabric and interfacing; interface according to pattern instructions Week 3 – Oct. 4 - Begin backpack construction Week 4 – Oct. 11 - Finish backpack construction Backpack Reveal on Instagram Oct. 18! We’ll share our brand new backpacks in a bag show on IG! OTHER IMPORANT NOTES:  1. The week of Sept. 13, Tina and Jessica will host an Instagram Live to discuss some basics of bag making with an emphasis on different types of fabrics to consider before kicking off

Domestic Machine Quilting My In The Right Direction Quilt

I recently finished a quilt for my niece using my In The Right Direction Quilt pattern .  She likes blues and purples, so I focused on a range of those colors for the arrows. Fabrics Used: ( starting with the upper right arrow and working clockwise ) Speckled – Witchy (Rashida Coleman-Hale) Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Sunstars – Violet (Libs Elliot) Kona Cotton Solid – Velvet Kona Cotton Solid – Regal Speckled – Navy (Rashida Coleman-Hale) Kona Cotton Solid – Riviera Speckled – Blue Ribbon (Rashida Coleman-Hale) Phosphor – Orbit (Libs Elliot) Kona Cotton Solid – Paris Blue Background Fabric – Speckled – White Gold (Rashida Coleman-Hale) Binding Fabric – Speckled Blue Ribbon (Rashida Coleman-Hale) Backing Fabric – Rainbow Butterflies (Andover Fabrics) My General Quilting Process Additionally, I decided to custom quilt each arrow. I prefer straight line walking foot quilting on my Janome 9400. Every quilt is different, but these are the general steps I take to quilt, especially when I’m going

Quilt Coat Along

Welcome to the Spring 2021 Quilt Coat Along , hosted by TinaCurtis and Jessica Plunkett ! We are excited to bring together sewists to make one of the hottest fashion trends around – Quilt Coats. We'd like to start by acknowledging that quilt coats are not a new thing, they were found all over the world being made by people of color and of all different cultures. Below are examples from the International Quilt Museum and the Public Library Quilts page. We appreciate the beauty of both of these garments and are thankful for the rich history they lend to our current mainstream trend. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Public Library Quilts (@publiclibraryquilts) This is a low key sew along – while we have a relaxed six week schedule to try and keep you motivated, you are welcome to work at your own pace. Here are a few key details about the sew along if you’re interested in participating!

The Meaning Behind Fade Away Lone Star

In 2018, I decided I wanted to finally tackle a personal project that had been on my mind since I learned to quilt. I wanted to make a series of quilts as if my great-grandma and I could make them together. It wasn’t until 2020 that I finally finished the first quilt in the series. Meet Fade Away Lone Star . Fade Away Lone Star, designed, pieced and quilted by Jessica Plunkett Background In order to explain the meaning behind this quilt, I have to back up a couple decades. I was fortunate enough to have many years to know and enjoy time with my great-grandma Georgia. (Everyone called her – sounds like George-ee, not like the state.) One of the most distinct memories I have of my grandma’s house on Armory is her bedroom. She always kept the door closed to keep the room cool. I remember sneaking in a couple times because I couldn’t believe how cold it felt, but also I wanted to admire a quilt on her bed. It was a multi-blue colored Lone Star quilt. While I didn’t really know or understan

Mountain Vista Quilt Kit Options

I’ve teamed up with two fabric shops -  Mashe Modern and Salt City Quilting Co . - to offer you some amazing options to make a Mountain Vista Quilt! Kits at Mashe Modern Mountain Vista Rainbow Kit - 18 Color Throw Size Kit This kit contains a rainbow of Spectrastatic fabrics from Giucy Giuce! The background is Alison Glass Kaleidoscope in Sapphire. Click here to purchase the kit . Mountain Vista Sunset Kit - 6 Color Throw Size Kit This kit contains a lovely mix of Spectrastatic fabrics in warm reds, peaches and pinks and Alison Glass Kaleidoscope fabric in Charcoal for the background! Click here to purchase the kit .  Mountain Vista Yellow Green Kit - 6 Color Throw Size Kit This kit contains a divine mix of Spectrastatic fabrics in yellows and greens! The background is Uniform, a dark blue Century Solids from Andover Fabrics! Click here to purchase the kit.   Rainbow Fabric Bundle at Salt City Quilting Co. Megan, the owner of Salt City Quilting Co. pattern tested Mountain Vista usin