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2020 A Year in Review

Is it safe to say I’m not the only one who wants to look back at 2020 with only one eye half opened? What a year! Despite a global pandemic and countless other challenges, I’m finding the bright side – and the learning opportunities – from this year. Here’s a look at my personal quilting journey through 2020. Highlight QuiltCon 2020 in Austin, TX There’s something special about QuiltCon. There’s the awe-inspiring quilt show, vendors and sew-lebrities, classes, lectures and so much more. Those things are wonderful, but what makes the show so very special is the people. I had the opportunity to meet, connect with and grow friendships with so many quilters that I’ve met online and now in real life. I took a chance by throwing out a call for any running quilters to join me on some morning runs – those were definitely a highlight of the year! Many of those people are now dear friends and they’ve been especially important as a sounding board and support during the pandemic. Oh yeah, and that