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Pattern Release: Reflective Moment Quilt

My latest pattern, #ReflectiveMomentQuilt, is now available in my Craftsy shop ( pick it up here !). My version features three shades of solid color purple fabrics complemented by a solid gray background. This is the color palette I dream about with all of my quilts! I knew this would be the one where the colors would really shine. Take a minute to read about the inspiration behind this quilt . As you can imagine, it was drawn up during a moment of reflection in my life. And if you purchase the pattern, you can search for the “easter egg” of sorts in the picture on the cover :) The pattern includes two sizes: 32” x 36” and 64” x 72”. It’s a beginner friendly pattern with a focus on half square triangles. As always, I encourage you to customize it to make it your own! The pattern includes a few personalization concepts to help get the ideas flowing. I’d love to hear your feedback and see how you make this quilt, so make sure to use #ReflectiveMomentQuilt and tag @maeberrysquar

Mini Quilt Mission

Skill building is an important aspect of most jobs or hobbies. You wouldn’t expect to increase from running one mile to a marathon overnight. You’d work to increase your mileage, better understand the proper form to running that length of race, test out nutrition and much more. I feel the same way about quilting. That’s why I made a goal of making a mini quilt for four good quilty friends. Minis are a great way to work on skill building. I also feel it’s a confidence booster because you get to see a project through from the start to finish in (usually) a much faster time frame than a large quilt. I challenged myself to find really fun patterns that matched interests of these particular friends. I had a feeling that by focusing on something they’d like first that it would work out that I’d end up practicing different skills. I ended up choosing Big Game (the mini) by Emily Herrick Designs , Lisa the Unicorn (the “pillow” size that made a great mini) by Elizabeth Hartman , Sewing

Ways to Personalize the In The Right Direction Quilt Pattern

In my patterns, I offer some personalization suggestions. I want you to feel inspired to make something a little different than what I produced. Maybe it's a different fabric. Maybe it's a tweak to the layout. Maybe it's more or less color options than my original design. I want you to make it your own! This is my pink and black version (quilt top) of  #InTheRightDirectionQuilt.  I wanted to offer some additional personalization ideas for those who have purchased (thank you so much!) the #InTheRightDirectionQuilt pattern. 1) Make one or more arrows with an ombre affect. I’d love to see the base of the arrow start with a light fabric and darken by the time it reaches the tip. Or reversed! Again, you could apply this to all arrows or just a few. I think arrow 5 or 9 from the pattern would be really neat with this affect. 2) Make the arrows one color and add an ombre affect to the background. For example, you could make the arrows black and the background oran

Your New Favorite Quilt Patterns

It’s an exciting time in quilt world – I've released my first two patterns! Okay, maybe it’s just an exciting time at my house, but I do hope you'll take a minute to read about my design aesthetic and quilting principles and peek at my new patterns :) In The Right Direction Quilt I released  #InTheRightDirectionQuilt and #AroundTheSquareQuilt as PDF patterns via my Craftsy shop. These are two fun and simple quilt patterns. There’s no magic in what I do. I wish I could tell you I came up with a way to make a million squares or half square triangles in mere minutes, but that’s just not the case. My guiding principle in quilting is to make something fun and practice skill building. I firmly believe that the more time you spend doing basic principles of quilting, the more efficient and accurate you’ll get each time. I love shortcuts too and I own lots of quilting gadgets to help improve in speed and efficiency (hello Bloc Loc rulers!) – and some of those will be useful in t