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Find My Creative Rhythm During a Pandemic

My family is six and half weeks into as much self-isolation as we are able during the COVID-19 pandemic. Outside of the masked weekly grocery store runs and the occasional take-out, I’m either in our house or meandering around our neighborhood from a social-distancing-safe space. While I’d love to share the triumphs and the tribulations of working from home, losing business due the pandemic, and homeschooling a young child, that would require sooooo many more words. Instead, I’ll stick with my creative experiences so far into this journey. I am clear that my experience comes from a place of privilege as my family has not been ill, we are not front line workers during this pandemic, and we have food and shelter. For us, in our country, our state and our town, the changes happened rather swiftly and we went from a “normal” routine to a hot mess in about 34.5 seconds. And my creativity hit bottom in the same timeframe. Here are a few things I remember/noticed about the first week and a