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Mountain Vista Quilt Kit Options

I’ve teamed up with two fabric shops -  Mashe Modern and Salt City Quilting Co . - to offer you some amazing options to make a Mountain Vista Quilt! Kits at Mashe Modern Mountain Vista Rainbow Kit - 18 Color Throw Size Kit This kit contains a rainbow of Spectrastatic fabrics from Giucy Giuce! The background is Alison Glass Kaleidoscope in Sapphire. Click here to purchase the kit . Mountain Vista Sunset Kit - 6 Color Throw Size Kit This kit contains a lovely mix of Spectrastatic fabrics in warm reds, peaches and pinks and Alison Glass Kaleidoscope fabric in Charcoal for the background! Click here to purchase the kit .  Mountain Vista Yellow Green Kit - 6 Color Throw Size Kit This kit contains a divine mix of Spectrastatic fabrics in yellows and greens! The background is Uniform, a dark blue Century Solids from Andover Fabrics! Click here to purchase the kit.   Rainbow Fabric Bundle at Salt City Quilting Co. Megan, the owner of Salt City Quilting Co. pattern tested Mountain Vista usin

Mountain Vista Quilt Pattern Is Now Available

Meet Mountain Vista - the latest pattern from Maeberry Square ! Mountain Vista comes from my love of HSTs and the mountains. Some of my fondest memories are from my time spent living in Colorado and waking up each day to the beautiful Rockies along the Front Range. I designed Mountain Vista while playing with the Cross Stitch fabric collection from Alison Glass . The depth of colors as well as saturation and vibrancy of colors in this line are so dreamy. And by playing, I mean literally playing with the real fabric. Most of my designs start as hand drawn sketches or sketches on the computer, but occasionally I just start pulling fabric and making shapes and seeing what happens. I laid out around 15 different designs and fell in love immediately when I saw this design take shape. The pattern includes a Throw and Baby size option . A fun element of this particular design is that color dynamically changes the feel of the quilt. My original version is the 18 main color option using Cr