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Learn to Quilt in Central Iowa

I am teaching an intro to quilting class this spring! If you or someone you know in Central Iowa is interested in learning to quilt, this is a great opportunity to learn all the basics and have a great time! Some details about the class, the class supply list and how to register are outlined below. What Will Be Taught? I’ve developed a sampler pattern that allows participants to learn how to construct a wide variety of blocks using different piecing techniques. This will give participants confidence to continue quilt making after this course. The Happy Sampler Quilt designed, pieced and quilted by Jessica Plunkett. Registrants will make their own Happy Sampler Quilt as a part of the class. We’ll start by covering what exactly makes a "quilt" a quilt. We’ll learn about basic quilting terminology (the pattern contains the definition of many common quilting terms, so it’s a good resource to keep!) and learning about commonplace quilting tools and notions. Next, we’ll

Troubleshooting Thread Tension Issues

It’s very frustrating to deal with thread tension issues while quilting. Is it a lint problem in the bobbin case? Is it a dull needle? Are the tension settings correct? It can certainly be time consuming, especially if you’re not sure what to check! I recently put a call out for help on Instagram while I was dealing with a tension issue and I appreciate all the advice received. I thought I would summarize the tips in a checklist. This is meant for when the thread does not look right on a quilted piece. But first: Take a deep breath. This issue stinks but don’t let it tear you down (because if you’re like me, you want it fixed RIGHT NOW). If you’re able to walk away for a few minutes, you can come back with a fresh set of eyes to look at the situation. I would suggest NOT trying everything at once. Read through the list and start with the most applicable one you think could be causing an issue. For example, if you suddenly remember you haven’t changed your needle in a month, sta

Quilters Shirt Mini Quilt

Do quilters have a “uniform”? An easily identifiable way to say “Hey, I’m a quilter! And proud of it!”? If one existed, some days I think I’ve nailed it. I’ve been stopped so many times on the street, at events and in quilt stores by quilters who compliment my quilty outfits. I admit that I often see quilt designs in some of the clothes I buy and thus it influences me buying it! There are a few particular dresses and shirts that seem to capture the attention of quilters in public. I decided to make a mini quilt based on one of my favorite quilty shirts. The shirt that inspired the quilt. I wanted to make a super mini – at least super mini in my mind. Anything under 20 x 20 inches is hard for me to make (ha!) as I love a much larger total project scale (but I loved the tiny piecing on those bottom black strips!). I decided to customize the color palette to my preferences, so it should be no surprise I chose pink as the colorful center portion. Getting the scale, or proportion, th