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Visiting Jukebox Quilts

Nestled into the north end of Old Town in Fort Collins, CO, is a vibrant and quirky quilt store. Filled with bright fabrics, inspiring patterns and carefully curated notions, your eyes will be as pleased as your ears as you hear the hum of long arm machines stitching intricate designs into quilt sandwiches. Welcome to Jukebox Quilts.

Jukebox Quilts has both a brick-and-mortar and online fabric and notions store. They carry a full range of Juki sewing machines, Innova long arm quilting machines and Bravo embroidery machines. Best of all, the store is filled with EnthusiExperts – knowledgeable, engaging and highly-skilled sewists there to greet and guide you.

When I first learned to quilt, I initially thought all quilts were quilted on domestic machines. I was quickly introduced to the world of long arming when my quilt class-turned-real-life friends suggested we visit Jukebox Quilts. I became enthralled in the world of red snappers, pantographs and the famous “Jukebox tie off” with each visit I made.

Quilters are welcome to rent time on long arm and embroidery machines or drop off projects to be completed by EnthusiExperts. One unique thing to me, at least from my experience visiting other stores that offer rentals, is that you don’t have to take a class or become “certified” to rent a machine at Jukebox. Every time you rent, a team member is assigned to guide you with whatever assistance you need. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about and better understand the process of long arm quilting – especially if you think you’ll want to own a long arm one day! I’ve both rented time and long armed my quilts, as well as dropped off quilts to be quilted by their team – and every time I’m thrilled with the result!

I enjoy each and every visit I make to Jukebox Quilts – it’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience in the local quilt store realm. If you’re local to Colorado or northern Wyoming, you’re lucky to have a gem in your backyard and I hope you have or will visit Jukebox soon. If you’ll be in the Colorado or northern Wyoming area, I definitely recommend adding Jukebox to your itinerary! And be sure to tell Kelly, the owner of Jukebox Quilts, that I said hello :)

There’s so much to learn about Jukebox Quilts, that I’ll direct you to their website for details on their services, available machines, events, support assistance, as well as their online shop! Visit

What I want to leave you with is eye candy. These are just a few of the quilts I’ve quilted/had a team member quilt at Juekbox Quilts!

Be sure to click/tap on the image so you can see more of the quilting detail.

The first two images below are of my Around the Square quilt (pattern here!). Several members of the Jukebox team design their own pantographs - this was one of those pantos and they had a display quilt in the store with it. I saw it and immediately knew something as funky and fun as this panto belonged on my quilt! We chose a light blue thread that blended so well but added just a touch of pop to my quilt.

The next two images below are my In The Right Direction quilt (pattern here!). I wanted a very simplistic pantograph at a 45 degree angle. When we couldn't find the right one, Kelly sketched this up. I was beyond thrilled as this was exactly the right touch I wanted for my quilt! We used a light grey thread to blend into the background.

The next two images below are again of a custom panto created by a Jukebox team member. They had a sample quilt on display of this modern paisley. Anyone who knows my quilting preference will know I love simple lines :) This was a huge stretch out of my comfort zone but we talked about what appeal this would add to the back of the quilt! Why the back? The front has a busy enough design that the panto fades nicely into the background but is a beautiful touch for those looking closely/studying the quilt. When you turn it around though, the design pops beautifully on that black background! I'm so glad I went outside my comfort zone and trusted the Jukebox's team professional opinion! The quilt itself was a kit I bought and is Sweetwater's Town Square pattern.

The next two images are my Reflective Moment quilt (pattern here!). With this quilt, I wanted a certain movement that felt like it's flowing over the quilt. Sand storm was the perfect panto! (And it's a custom one from Jukebox!) In fact, it's so perfect, I can think of at least 5 quilts I had done with Sand storm. Again, it's those simple lines that I love to use on my quilts! We used a light grey thread to blend into the background.

Jukebox Quilts is a sponsor of the #ScrappersParadiseQAL and as a part of their sponsorship, they received a blog post outlining my review and commentary about their store (that would be what you're reading above). To be clear, the words are my own and were not reviewed nor allowed to be edited by anyone. I like to be transparent - I'm writing about my experiences because I truly love their store and appreciate their support of a small woman-owned quilt pattern business (that would be me :)). 


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