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Quilt Coat Patterns

Below we have outlined a handful of Quilt Coat Patterns, including the Pattern Name (the pattern name has a link to the designer's website/pattern), Designer and Sizing Information (US Sizes).

This is not a comprehensive list of all patterns available on the market. You can choose absolutely any pattern on the market you would like to try. We also suggest looking for these coats on Instagram using the pattern name as a hashtag if you want to see real-life examples on a human being!

Pattern - Haori 
Designer - Wiksten
Sizes - 00-18

Pattern - Sapporo Coat/Jacket
Designer - Papercut
Sizes - 1-8 (This looks to equate up to a size 18 US)

Pattern - Tamarack Jacket
Designer - Grainline Studios
Sizes - 0-18

Pattern - All Well Coat Cardigan
Designer - All Well
Sizes - S - 3XL

Pattern - Artemis Coat
Designer - The Fold Line
Sizes - XS - XXL

Pattern - Beachcomber Jacket
Designer - Laundry Basket Quilts
Sizes - No Sizing Information Given

Pattern - New Look 6585 Misses' Coat with Hood
Designer - Simplicity
Sizes - XS - XL (Sizes 6-8 through 22-24)

Pattern - Grainger Coat
Designer - Muna and Broad
Sizes - 12-34 (This is our estimation in looking at the pattern)

Pattern - Gibson Coat
Designer - It's All in the Stitch
Sizes - 2-22

Pattern - Delphine
Designer - I Am Patterns
Sizes - Approximately 2-12

Pattern - Ilford Jacket
Designer - Friday Pattern Company
Sizes - XS - 4X

Pattern - 8298
Designer - Simplicity
Sizes - XS - XL

Pattern - Taktsang Dolman Wrap
Designer - Itch to Stitch
Sizes - 00-20

Pattern - 7595
Designer - Vogue
Sizes - 6-16

112 Japanese Field Clothing
Designer - Folk Wear Patterns
Sizes - Misses 6-20/S-XL

Simplicity 9187
Designer - Simplicity
Sizes - XXS - XXL 

Simplicity 8811
Designer - Simplicity
Sizes - XS-XL

Dropje Vest 
Designer - Waffle Patterns
Sizes - 2-10

Heidi Hooded Cardi
Designer - Style Arc
Sizes - 2-14

Coco Jacket
Designer - Sew Over It
Sizes - 4-16 

Chandra Jacket
Designer - Yoga Hound
Sizes - 4-20 

Pattern - Linden Sweatshirt *Drafted for Knits
Designer - Grainline Studios
Sizes - 0-18

Pattern - Page Hoodie *Drafted for Knits
Designer - Chalk and Notch
Sizes - 0-30

Pattern - Sheridan Sweater *Drafted for Knits
Designer - Hey June Handmade
Sizes - 2-22

*For Drafted for Knits, you should consider sizing up to get more ease in the garment to get on and off. You should definitely consider making a muslin for these. We suggest considering another option if this is your first garment project.

Quilt Coat Patterns for Dogs

Pattern - Free Dog Coat Pattern
Designer - Closet Core Patterns
Sizes - the pattern includes 11 sizes

Pattern - A Small Dog Coat Pattern You Can Sew Yourself 
Designer - The Spruce Crafts
Designed for small dogs but can be altered

****An important point to consider when purchasing your pattern. A coat is a garment and there will be large printed pieces you’ll need to construct your coat. Purchasing a printed pattern likely means (but not guaranteed) the printed pages you needed are included. Purchasing a PDF pattern means you will almost certainly have to print pages, either on your home printer if you have one or at a copy shop. Some patterns may be difficult to find in the print format. This is something to simply remember in your timeline and budget as you purchase your pattern. HERE ARE TWO BLOG POSTS WITH TIPS FOR PRINTING PDF PATTERNS!


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