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Quilt Coat Maker Experience Blog Posts

Makers have been constructing quilt coats for a long time, but there seems to have been a resurgence in their popularity in the last couple of years. We’ve started compiling some blog posts from makers who have made quilt coats and share their own experiences. This information may be valuable to you as you start your quilt coat journey! With posts ranging from cutting up a 60 year old family quilt and turning it into a jacket to a look at how maker’s made specific patterns, there’s a wealth of knowledge we’d love to share with you!

For each post, we have included the maker’s first name, Instagram handle, the title of their blog post or web page name and a link to the post.

Have you written about your quilt coat experience? We’d love to include you in our list! Please DM Tina  or Jessica the information described above!

Quilt Coat Blog Posts 

Cashmerette @cashmerette - How to Take Your Measurements for Sewing Clothes

The Fold Line @thefoldline - The Sewing Pattern Tutorials 9: Measuring Yourself 

Itch to Stitch @itchtostitch - How to Grade a Pattern Up or Down a Size (or Two)

Hilary @byhilaryjordan - Adding a Single Block to a Coat Pattern

Ben @benmillett - Batting for Your Quilted Garment

Lissa @lovinglylissa - Something Old is New Again. Turning a family quilt into a quilt coat!

Isabelle @southbaybella - Mister Domestic's Snow Day Project Party. Making the Ayora Jacket. 

Eliane @patchworkandpoodles - Quilt Coat Pattern Round Up.

Eliane @patchworkandpoodles - Quilted Coat | A Finished Project. Making the New Look 6585 Coat.

Tabitha @tabithasewer - Quilt Coat. Making the Simplicity 8298 View A Coat.

Brittany / Team Lars @houselarsbuilt - How to Make a Quilted Coat. Coat Tutorial.

Natalie @sewhungryhippie - Quilt Coat Trials. The process of making several quilt coats.

Chloe @consciousbychloe - Sewing a Quilted Jacket. Turning an existing quilt into a coat.

Suzy @suzyquilts - How to Sew a Quilted Coat - Tips and Tools

Lesley @homedaystudio - Making a Quilt Coat with the Tamarack Jacket Pattern

Leah @leahdayquilting - How to Make a Beautiful Quilted Jacket

Sandra - @sandrajohnsondesigns - Sandra offers a Wearable Art Presentation and a Bomber Jacket Workshop - both are a great opportunity to have an expert educate you on wearable art or walk through making a jacket. Visit Sandra's Presentations and Workshop page. Also, check out the Fashion section of her website. 

Auribuzz (Aurifil Blog) @aurifilthread - Five for Friday - Quilt Coats 


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If you are new to transparency in quilting or need a refresher, this is a simple practice block to make to play around with fabric choices and the effects of transparency. Transparent Squares Quilt Block I posted a video on IGTV that explains the very basics of transparency in quilting. A short simplified version of what I shared is that transparency is the ability to see through layer(s) of an object. It can be real or implied. So in quilting, you can use fabric color choices to make implied transparency. The most basic way to achieve transparency, in my opinion, is to choose dark, medium and light values of one color. Understanding color structure is important, but being a master of it is not required to play around with transparency. For example, if a grey fabric has a lot of cool color blue undertones, then you have to be cognizant of how that specific fabric color plays with other colors. Also, it’s important to realize that while many colors are available in fabrics, it’s

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Quilt Project Tracker Document

Every quilt has a story - and if you're struggling to capture that story about each quilt you make, I've got you covered! I have a free printable Quilt Project Tracker Document!   This document is for each new project you start and includes fields for tracking project goals, fabric swatches, task completion, notes on the materials you used and what you learned from the project. Whether you're trying to store information in one easy place to make show submissions easier or you want to share this quilt's story with the recipient of the quilt, this document helps you track all the details! Click here to open and print the Quilt Project Tracker Document . ***When you click the link, please make sure to click on the arrow (in the upper right corner) to download a PDF. If you click "Open in Google Docs" you will not be able to access the document.