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Quilt Alongs

My next QAL (quilt along) will be for the Water Drop quilt pattern! Details are below.

Super Duper Important Note: The email sign up is a double opt in process. That means after you click subscribe, you will receive an email that asks you to confirm your email subscription. You must confirm your subscription in order to receive the weekly QAL emails. Often, these confirmation emails end up in your SPAM FOLDER. Please check your spam folder. We would both be sad if I lived in your spam folder forever.

Water Drop QAL

The pattern is confident beginner friendly. There are two sizes (lap and baby) and two options to construct the quilt (yardage or scrappy). And the best kept secret is that for the yardage option, you construct the HSTs using a 32 at a time method! I guess it's no longer a secret ;)

Water Drop Quilt pieced and quilted by Maeberry Square

QAL dates: Aug. 13 - Sept. 24 (6 weeks long)

QAL schedule:
  • Week 1: Gather fabric
  • Week 2: Work on 32 at a time HSTs or making scrappy HSTs
  • Week 3: Cut remaining fabric and layout quilt
  • Week 4: Assemble top half of quilt
  • Week 5: Assemble bottom half of quilt
  • Week 6: Finish up quilt top

To follow along, use the hashtag #waterdropqal on Instagram and sign up for the weekly newsletters.

Scrappy version of the Water Drop quilt pieced by Maeberry Square.

I am thrilled to announce that several generous sponsors are offering fabulous prizes for the QAL! You must be signed up for the QAL email to receive the prompt each week. Most prompts will require you to post an image/information on Instagram and you must have a public profile so that I can see the image to be eligible for prizes. 

THANK YOU to these sponsors (I hope you'll take a moment to learn more about and support these wonderful people!):

Quilt Pattern Mart 
Find Heather on Instagram @quiltpatternmart

Salt City Lane
Find the Salt City Lane team on Instagram @saltcitylane 

Geeky Bobbin
Find Bobbie on Instagram @geekybobbin  

Running Stitch Quilts
Find Julie on Instagram @runningstitchquilts

Bloc Loc 
Find the Bloc Loc team on Instagram @bloclocrulers 

Maeberry Square
Website: (you're on it!) 
Find me on Instagram @maeberrysquare

All QAL participants will be eligible to receive 15% off E2E (edge to edge) longarm quilting services for their Water Drop quilt from these five longarm sponsors! Thank you to the Longarm League who helped me connect with these sponsors to provide such an invaluable service and discount to participants! 

Longarm Quilters
1. Quilting by Anne-Marie
Find Anne-Marie on Instagram @just_anne_marie

2. Got Kwilts
Find Richla on Instagram @gotkwilts

3. Rainy Day Stitching
Find Renae on Instagram @rainy_day_stitching

4. Oh Thimbles
Find Tasha on Instagram @ohthimbles

5. OM Quilt Space
Find Mary on Instagram @sewlunasew 

Water Drop quilt made using Moda grunge fabrics, pieced by Maeberry Square.


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