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Quadruplicity Quilt Pattern

My pattern, Quadruplicity Quilt, represents the literal layout of the quilt and my daughter.

My original sketch for this quilt, done in my black and white grid-lined notebook using colored pencils, was done as a doodle along with other pattern ideas. Sometimes I’m in the mood to sketch and just keeping drawing shapes and ideas. The sketch sat for quite awhile, but lately I’ve been inspired to pick up my notebook and use my old sketches as inspiration for new designs.

I was specifically looking for pattern ideas to make my daughter a new quilt. I knew I wanted to use Peanuts fabric because she’s a big fan, which makes my Snoopy-loving heart happy! In order to make sure you’ll actually see the Peanuts gang, I wanted a design that incorporated larger cuts of fabric. When I saw this particular sketch, I knew it would be perfect! However, I wanted to test it out with other fabric first. I used one of my #fabricpulltuesday bundles (search on that hashtag on Instagram to see my pulls!) for the design, featuring Sarah Watts’ Crescent fabric in Cream. It’s adorable animals and it worked perfectly for this quilt! I also knew I wanted to use a non-traditional color for the background. There are so many beautiful fabrics available that I love to use bold, modern, vibrant colors for backgrounds when I can!

As I was cutting fabric for the quilt, I knew it would make a great pattern so I wrote it up and sent it out to testers while my version was at the longarmers. I also started a second version, using another #fabricpulltuesday. I’ve since also pieced a third version.

I knew I wanted to name the quilt something related to four. Quadruplicity was the perfect fit, as it means “the state of being fourfold or of forming a set of four.” Each block in the quilt features four of the focus pieces. Also, my daughter is turning four and she was the inspiration that led to this quilt design, so it seemed most fitting.

While researching quadruplicity, I also found out that it has an astrological meaning – a group of four zodiacal signs of the same quality. There are three “quadruplicities” – cardinal, fixed and mutable. As I looked more into these groups, I found out that me, my husband and my daughter are all in different groups. As I read the meanings for each group, I couldn’t help but smile as we each seemed to fit the definition. It was fun to discover this as I worked on naming this quilt!

I hope you enjoy making this quilt! Use the hashtags #quadruplicityquilt and #maeberrysquarepatterns – and tag me @maeberrysquare – on Instagram when you share your version of the quilt!

Purchase this pattern in my Etsy shop.


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