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In The Right Direction Quilt Pattern

My pattern, In The Right Direction, was one of the first patterns I sketched with the intention of
making it into a pattern to share with others. I really love the design – I have a feeling nothing will ever quite match my love for it!

My quilt designs start as sketches in a black and white grid-lined notebook. I typically use pen or colored pencils to sketch. My original sketch has similar arrow colors but my final quilt is slightly different. I let my time in an LQS lining up bolts and bolts of fabric tell me the direction to go.

My inspiration behind In The Right Direction is feeling that constant pull to be doing this and doing that at the same time. As a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an employee, a business owner,
a runner and many other titles, I feel like I’m always moving in twenty different directions at once. We all struggle at times with where to put our focus, where our time is best served and what we feel most drawn to do.

To find a balance, I embrace all the different hats I have to wear and I know that some amount of time is required by all. My ultimate goal – or hope – is that all the time spent leads me back to a central point. That central point is my balance or my equilibrium or my happy place. Each arrow in the quilt represents something I have to do, a direction I have to go. The length signifies the effort needed. And in this quilt, all the arrows are pointing back to a general central area. There may not be an exact central point (it’s hard to always have life in perfect balance!), but they’re all working together and in motion pointing to the same general place. It signifies to me that I’m moving In The Right Direction.

I hope you enjoy making this quilt. And I hope you feel you are moving In The Right Direction in your life right now too.

Use the hashtag #InTheRightDirectionQuilt and tag @maeberrysquare on Instagram when you share your version of this quilt!

Purchase this pattern in my Etsy shop.


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